Our Love Affair With Stow Lake

Zavier was born in one of the most beautiful cities in the world,

and it’s important to me that Galen and I help him create beautiful memories here.

Even though he’s much too small to remember any of the things we do with him now,

he’ll have this scrapbook to look at someday,

and I like to think the little adventures we take him on will have a lasting impact for later.

Even if it just means he’ll be used to a camera constantly being in his face. ;)

So this weekend, we spent Saturday and Sunday afternoon in San Francisco’s beautiful and iconic Golden Gate Park.

And there began our love affair with the emerald water, colorful trees, pretty bridges and waterfall that make up its beautiful Stow Lake.

{Stow Lake, San Francisco. June 25, 2011}

It was a typically overcast, somewhat chilly day in the city, so we’d bundled you up in two long-sleeved tees, your denim jacket, and a hat to cover your ears and your cute little head. You were awake when we got to the park, so I grabbed you from your car seat and carried you around in our Moby Wrap, and you kept me warm. :) And off we went, walking around the lake along one of the trails, over bridges, beside ducks, turtles, and geese, with an as-usual curious you looking all around, especially loving the trees. And also as usual, your Dad spent the entire time with the camera permanently attached to his face, taking pictures of you and I! He did a great job capturing the moment – even the scratches you’d inflicted on your poor little nose! And then it was time for him to go to work, and us to go home – vowing to come back the next day…

{Stow Lake, San Francisco – Day 2. June 26, 2011}

We were back! And this time, Daddy still spent all his time with the camera attached to his face, but Mommy did, too – so I got some good pictures of him. ;) It was a busy, sunny, vibrant day in the city, and the lake looked gorgeous with all the light bouncing off it. I wish you could have seen it {since you’re really attracted to lights}, but you had just fallen asleep when we arrived at the park, so you slept in your stroller the whole time. Even that was nice, though, because it gave your dad and I some semi-alone time to enjoy our walk together. So while you got a much-needed nap, we kind of got a much-needed Date Day!

Until the next one…

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15 thoughts on “Our Love Affair With Stow Lake

  1. Zavier is a lucky guy. Can’t even talk and you’re already taking him to cool places.

    You guys always make me want to go to San Francisco.

  2. I love Stow Lake! When I was a kid growing up in the city, my sister, my cousins and I would spend our summers riding our bikes there. Looks like you guys had fun. Did Zavier scratch his nose? Noah does that all the time! :)

    • It must have been so cool to grow up here, Michelle! I grew up in LA, which is nice in its own way of course, but I think I would have loved to be a kid here.

      And yeah, Zavier scratched his nose pretty badly! He has some scratch somewhere on his face all the time, but this one was super noticeable! Seemed to bother me more than him, though.

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  4. You guys always have the most beautiful pictures! I always feel like taking off to San Francisco every time I see your pics. What a beautiful place.

    And as always, you guys look great and HAPPY!

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