The Face.

One of the things that blesses my marriage most is laughter.

Galen makes me laugh just about every day, and it really is a little thing that does big things for our marriage. Being a mom has turned out to be a lot harder than I expected, and it really blesses my life to have a husband who fills my days with laughter.

I consider myself doubly blessed, though, because now that we’ve got Zavier, my life is filled with not one, but two guys who crack me up.

I’m sure other moms agree that it’s a special kind of gift, having your child make you laugh – and I am loving it. Zavier is so, so funny.


Silly and animated, just like his dad. I find myself laughing at his little baby antics already – how he rolls his Rs when he’s crying or playing, how he growls at us, how he takes constant swings at poor Galen’s face, how he uses both hands to hold onto food and then face plants open-mouthed onto his tray to eat what’s left, all sorts of things.

One of my favorites, though, which Galen captured on camera last night during dinner, is The Face.

The face he started doing randomly months ago… The sniffly face {he sniffs loudly and intensely as he does it}/the snouty face {because he looks and snorts like a little piglet when he does it}/the Jack Bauer face {named after an anti-terrorist agent from the show 24, because when he leans forward and does it in your face, it looks like you’re being interrogated}. Whatever face it is, it’s pretty awesome.

And, just like Galen, always makes me laugh.






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15 thoughts on “The Face.

  1. L O L!! I m sitting beside my friends and had to show them these pics. One of them said “Do all babies do that?” Ezaias does it all the time n it NEVER gets old!!! N Omg I love the first pic of him standing!! Love his lil mohawk ;)

  2. He is so cute!
    And about being being a mother? I never imagined how hard it would be myself, thank God for the perks such as these, they are irreplaceable :)

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